Xgboost predictive model of in-hospital mortality in patients with sepsis complicated by anemia

Please enter values for clinical indexes

1.Elixhauser vanWalRaven:

2.BUN 24h max (mg/dL):

3.Delta HB 24h down max (g/dL):

4.Ventilation 24h:


6.MCHC 24h min (%):

7.RR 24h max (BPM):

8.PLT 24h min (×10^9/L):

9.Hematocrit 24h min (%):

10.HR 24h max (BPM):

11.INR 24h max:

12.SBP 24h min (mmHg):

13.RBC 24h min (m/uL or ×10^12/L):

14.PTT 24h max (sec):

15.DBP 24h min (mmHg):

16.Norepinephrine 24h:

17.Renal failure:

18.Sedation 24h:

19.CRRT 24h:

20.Epinephrine 24h: